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Dolce di Rossano from Calabria

Olivaverde are very pleased to be involved with the Mediterranean olive oil Academy in their on going project to bring to the attention of both the wider public and our clients rare and lesser well known olive oils from Italy and several other countries in the Mediterranean region.

Of course this year all the Covid virus restrictions have made souring these fantastic olive oils more difficult but they were able to source a lovely single variety olive oil from Calabria, the Dolce di Rossano.

The Acadamy was also able to obtain again a small amount of the rare Bidni olive oil from their great small producers in Malta and we look forward to hearing more about the Maltese harvest later this month.

Dolce di Rossano is a lesser known olive variety from the beautiful Calabrian region of southern Italy, it has a yellow gold colour with green reflections, there are hints of fresh almond, pine nut, grass and artichoke. The single variety extra virgin organic olive oil is very well balanced, it is lightly fruity with a recognised medium light level, also very slightly bitter and spicy, the olive oil also has a high content of vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant.

We are very lucky to have a limited amount of this lovely extra virgin olive oil for sale to our clients and which we will also be using for tastings and olive oil appreciation classes in the spring and summer of 2021.


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