Olive Oil Producers

Gozo Cottage in Gozo

Gozo Cottage is a small producer of fine Extra virgin olive oil located on the Island of Gozo in the central Mediterranean and is one of the few companies in Malta and Gozo reviving the fortunes of olive oil produced in these beautiful Islands. It is believed that olive oil production on the Islands of Malta and Gozo was started with the arrival of the Phoenicians and went on to flourish under Roman rule. in fact many ancient olive groves and mills have been discovered all over the Islands in the past few years showing what a large part of Isalnd life it had become before becoming less popular when the Roman empire went into decline.

It is generally accepted that olive farming and oil production on the Islands of Malta and Gozo died out in the early 19th Century when other more mainstream crops such as cotton were then starting to be grown more widely.

Producers in Malta and Gozo have recently started replanting olive groves in the Islands and a new and flourishing olive oil industry is starting to be found both in Malta and also it the smaller Island of Gozo.

Olivaverde is please to showcase the Extra Virgin olive oil from Gozo Cottage, a small producer based in Xewkija on the Island of Gozo. Gozo is the smaller sister of the Island of Malta and these Islands are located in the central Mediterranean just south of Sicily and north of Libya. Both Malta and Gozo have played an important part in the long history of the Mediterranean and today Gozo is a wonderful rural and unspoilt place to visit.

I visited the mill of Gozo Cottage in 2009 and saw first hand the passion with which they make and promote their olive oil. Their Extra Virgin olive oil is produced using only the best quality olives, grown, harvested and pressed on Gozo using mechanical means only. The mill is located in central Gozo and it has been equiped with the latest machinery and is starting to expand production into other areas as well.

The Extra virgin olive oil produced by Gozo Cottage is very sweet and extremely fruity which are the characteristics found in the best olive oils found in the Islands of Malta and Gozo. The company offers a large range of different sizes of their Extra virgin olive oil in 10cl, 25cl, 50cl and 1 litre bottles.

Gozo Cottage also produces flavoured Extra virgin olive oils, but these are not just restricted to the usual lemon or citrus flavoured olive oils widely found in the UK and Ireland.

As well as the more commonly found Chilli flavoured olive oil they also produce an olive oil containing Wild Rosemary, one with Wild Maltese herbs, another with Basil and lastly one with Coriander. The flavours and aromas of all these olive oils are very evocative of the smells and landscape of this wonderful Island and are proving popular with consumers.

These Extra virgin olive oils have the unmistakable flavour of Gozitan herbs and are solely grown and cultivated by Gozo Cottage in the beautiful Myrtle Valley in Gozo.
Gozo Cottage oliva oil