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The Olive Oil Producers

The Olive Oil Producers

All of the olive oil producers that Olivaverde work with are passionate about their oil and how it is produced. These artisans and small farmers are always striving to produce the olive oil with the best taste and aroma that they can make from the particular olives that they grow and harvest on their land.

So much hard work and planning goes into each years production, starting with pruning of the trees at the beginning of the growing season, then the harvesting of the olive crop and finally the production and bottling of the olive oil.

The ethos that we have at Olivaverde is to promote and sell only the finest extra virgin olive oil made by these wonderful small producers in Italy, Greece and Malta and also elsewhere across the Mediterranean. We fully believe that the care and love they put into the production of their olive oil manifests itself in the truly memorable oils that they produce and that we are very lucky to be able now to offer these olive oils to a wider public.

Most extra virgin olive oil is produced from blends of several varieties of olives and made up from a mixture of olives from several farmers. With big companies there might be dozens of producers who supply their olives for the blend and in some cases the resulting olive oil might even be mixed with oils from other regions or even other countries to produce a standardised product.

Olivaverde only tries to deal with small local olive oil producers and where possible only olive oil produced from single estates. If it is available we try to source olive oil only produced from one variety of olive, this monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is still quite rare and is normally hard to find on sale outside of olive oil producing countries.

Some of the olive oils we promote are produced in small cooperatives, where several small farmers will take their oil to the mill and the resulting oil will be bottled and marketed by that mill.

More rare still are the extra virgin olive oils produced from just the olives grown in one farmers olive grove, pressed and bottled at a mill and then marketed by that one small producer. But at Olivaverde we have several olive oils produced in just that way and in some cases even monovarietal organic olive oils which are extremely rare to find even in Italy.

We at Olivaverde hope to increase the number of producers that we work with year on year as we go forward and expand the business. The varieties and range of fine olive oils will continue to grow as we keep discovering more and more wonderful small oil and pasta producers in Italy and elsewhere in the Mediterranean region.

Our pasta is only produced in Italian regions famous for their pasta making, Basilicata and Calabria and all our pasta is also only manufactured by small individual artisans or small cooperatives.

Le Marche Producers

Azienda Agricola Tomassetti

Oleificio Silvestri Rosina

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Olio Poldo
Puglia and Greek Producers
Azienda Agricola Merico
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Aeithalis Olive Oil
 Arbor Beata
Sicily and Malta Producers
Olio Soprano
Olio Kore.png
Olio Kore
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Ta Matti
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