Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy

Olivaverde is now working with the first dedicated International Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy in Malta.

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We are very pleased with the production and fast selling of the Academy monovarietal olive oil made exclusively from Bidni olives.  

The Bidnija olive oil produced by the Mediterranean olive oil academy in conjunction with the Maltese olive farmers were picked in late September in the Madliena area of Malta over two days.

The olives were then sent to Sicily where they were pressed by a specialist olive mill and the resulting olive oil was sent to a certification panel in northern Italy where they judged the oil to be certified as extra virgin quality. 


What is The Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy?

The Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy is the first fully dedicated academy in the Mediterranean region promoting premium fine extra virgin olive oils, olive oil products and small artisan olive oil producers.

With over ten years experience within the sector, the Olivaverde team have come to know very well how small artisan producers can struggle on daily basis to promote and get the fruits of their work recognised. We decided that part of our mission would be to help producers get their olive oils more widely known and appreciated to the wider public, also to promote and grow the appreciation of their olive oils within the retail and food services sectors. 

To effectively promote them as an alternative to mass produced olive oil and poorer quality olive oils which currently make up so much of the retail market at present. In addition as we came to know more about the benefits of Mediterranean olive oil on health together with the increasing importance of the Mediterranean diet we became more and more involved with local producers to help promote a healthier way of life and diet through education, tastings and production knowledge.