Norwich  - The Meeting  Rooms

London - Tasting Sicily-Enzo's Kitchen
Malta -  Madliena
Marche, Italy - Castello di Monterado

A thoroughly modern business space held in a charming Victorian town house over 5 floors, where visitors experience the finest in hospitality and catering.

In the heart of London's Piccadilly in Panton Street, London SW1 is a great restaurant venue atTasting Sicily - Enzo's Kitchen.  A Sicilian run family business, where authentic and ancient Sicilian food traditions are followed.

The beautiful setting of Madliena on the north west coast of Malta is one of our favourite places on this beautiful Mediterranean island. It is where we hold specialist extra virgin olive oil tastings in the outdoors at the beautiful Lalaj venue accompanied by a meal consisting of a choice of local Maltese dishes.

In the lovely hilltop village of Monterado, in the Marche region of Central Italy, we have as our Italian venue the Castello di Monterado. This beautiful castle with centuries of history has a dedicated tasting room for our appreciation classes and accommodation for our clients.

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