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Workshops and Tours from Olivaverde

Olivaverde as well as offering fine extra virgin olive oil and pasta from Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean region, now also offers olive oil and wine appreciation tours, cookery courses and culinary holidays in four very different regions of Italy.

As part of our love for fine olive oil and pasta we wished to offer our clients the opportunity of visiting our Italian friends in Italy who produce all these wonderful products. This would allow them to experience first hand the hospitality, knowledge and love of olive oils, wines and pasta that all the Italian artisans are famous for.

Based in Italy we can offer a wide selection of olive oil and wine appreciation tours both in central Le Marche, mainly in the Senigallia area, just north of the regions capital of Ancona on the Adriatic coast and also in the southern provinces of Le Marche.

The other regions in Italy in which we offer holidays, courses and tours are Sicily, Puglia and Umbria, where we can offer a wide selection of different holidays and tours ranging from a single day at a olive oil or wine producer to a week visiting producers and attending courses offered by both Italian and other talented cooks in wonderful surroundings.

All of Olivaverde’s partners in Italy have many years of experience in offering the outstanding and memorable tours and visits in their particular part of Italy and we are pleased to working closely in conjunction with them to offer these wonderful holidays to our clients.

For more details of our range of tours, holidays and courses please visit the HOLIDAY TOURS page on this website or do contact us at Olivaverde in Italy or the UK at

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