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The Pate from fine olive oil producer in Le Marche, the Oleificio di Silvesti Rosina is made from the Tenera Ascolana olive and this pickled or stuffed olive is considered the best green table olive for use as a spreading paste or pate. This fantastic Pate is available from us as well as other lovely organic olive oils and condiments from this fabulous Italain producer.

Olivaverde are very pleased to be able to offer Sapa made by the Baleani family from San Ginesio in Le Marche, Italy.

Sapa is a cooked grape must which has been made since Roman times in Italy and especially in the Marche region of eastern Italy. Over recent years the production of Sapa in the region has become more limited and now there are only a few small producers left making Sapa so we are very pleased to have links with this small artisan producer in Marche, Terre di San Ginesio. Sapa is only produced by a handful of dedicated Italian artisans such as the Baleani family who live in Ripe San Ginesio, which is near the Sibillini Mountains in the centre of the Marche region.

Pate di Olive Verdi

Olivaverde is very pleased to offer the “Antique Pasta Quagliara” which is a family run business from Genzano di Lucania, Basilicata in the wonderful and mysterious south of Italy. Their antique pastificio produces 20 varieties of "pasta di semola di grano duro" ranging from their celebrated "La Roccia" The Rock, which are small swirls of pasta, to "Trofie", Strozzapreti, Cavatelli, Cndele, Calamarata, Eliconi, Strascinati, Lumaconi, Paccheri, Maccheroncini Rigati, Penne Rigate, Orecchiette, to the widely known Fusilli, Spaghettoni and Lasagne. In other words, pasta for all types of dishes, fish, soups, vegetables, meats and cheeses. As a testament to the quality at Pasta Quagliara, the business has received many European Awards.

It is often said by Italians that the best pasta is produced in the Basilicata and Calabria regions of southern Italy and we will strive to find and offer the finest pasta to our clients in the UK and Ireland, and we believe that the pasta produced by Genzano di Lucania is some of the finest dried pasta available on the market today.

To understand more fully why this pasta is so special and also where this wonderful pasta originates from you really do need to know more about the magical region of Basilicata where the producers live and where it is made.

Basilicata is a mystical southern Italian region touched by two seas and with two distinctly separate coastlines, one facing the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea to the south-west, and the other facing south-east, the Ionian Sea. High mountains form a dramatic backdrop to the scenery, through wooded vales to the coast where some of Italy’s finest archaeological ruins are found, amongst fine and unspoilt sandy beaches.

The region boasts some of the most impressive scenery in southern Italy including the spectacular lakes around Venosa,. The historic towns that dot the hillsides are so picturesque that they have been used as film sets by photographers and film directors alike, and were the location for Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ”.

The city of Matera, famous for its ancient Sassi (stone cliff dwellings), is pure enchantment. and the whole region provides visitors with a mysterious charm. Visitors will be fascinated by the stunning architecture and historical art of the region’s numerous small churches and medieval castles. The outdoor markets of Basilicata offer tourists a great array of unique hand made items. Small family owned restaurants offer some of the finest in southern Italian cuisine, perfect for those who have a desire for spicy foods rich in flavours, spicy sausages and fresh caught game are among some of the region’s specialties. Above all, the people of the Basilicata region are known for their friendliness and hospitality.

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