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Olivaverde is now working with the first dedicated International Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy in Malta.

Want to know more? Follow the Academy on our social media and please do have a look at the dedicated website

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Olive Oil Tour 2021 now available!

Click below for dates and how to book!

The Academy works constantly on increasing the range of dedicated EVOO's  for its clients always looking for indigenous and less know single variety olive oils. 

This year EVOO'S are still available in very limited quantities. Just get in touch on our website for a quote!

Man Holding Olives
What is the Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy?
The Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy is an exciting new project involving artisan olive oil producers from olive oil producing countries across the Mediterranean region.
Our purpose in our setting up the academy is to educate and inform consumers who are passionate about extra virgin olive oil of a better way to purchase, taste, appreciate and use fine extra virgin olive oils that are produced in countries in the Mediterranean region.
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