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Gusto Italia and Olivaverde in London

Olivaverde are very pleased to be invited to attend the prestigious Gusto Italia event held on November 7th and 8th at the Sheraton, Park Lane in central London, where we will build on the very close links we have with Sicilian olive oil producers, chefs and businesses and also with the ties we now have built up with Slow Food Anglia, Slow Food Sicilia and Slow Food groups in Italy. Carmelo Carnevale the Sicilian chef who is responsible for organising Gusto Italia has personally invited us and also members of Slow Food to take part this year along with some of our fantastic olive oils. Carmelo came to Norwich to take part in a Slow Food Anglia festival held there in August and also met with us in Olivaverde and sampled some of our range of olive oils, he especially liked the Sicilian olive oil from Trapani.

We look forward to promoting our fantastic range of artisan produced extra virgin olive oils at the Gusto Italia event in London and to showing our Italian hosts some of the fantastic extra virgin olive oils that we import into the UK. At Gusto Italia we will also be meeting many of the Italian chefs who work in London and who are also members of Slow Food in Italy and hopefully we will be building even more links to producers and also Slow Food groups in that country. Gusto Italia held in London with the APCI is a national event and we hope to be able to take part in this prestigious event on an annual basis, and in future years will also invite some of our olive oil producers to come to London to take part in this prestigious event.

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