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Sicilian olive varieties and olive oils

Olivaverde have been closely involved with the promotion and importation of fine Sicilian olive oils for over ten years, we love these wonderful extra virgin olive oils from the very different areas across this beautiful island, olive oils with their huge range of intense and fruity flavours.

The main native varieties are the Nocellara, Tonda Iblea, Cerasuola, Carolea, Belice, Biancolilla and Verdelo. Different areas of Sicily have very different native olive varieties not normally planted elsewhere in other parts of the Island and most extra virgin olive oils from coastal areas have the most intense flavours.

In other areas of the Island outside of the coastal regions Sicilian extra virgin olive oils can be more fruity and more spicy, also more full bodied many with lovely hints of citrus.

Sicily has a varied Mediterranean climate, and palm trees can grow in the lower parts of the Island, it grows a wide variety of agricultural produce including grapes for the fantastic Sicilian wines, olives, citrus fruits, artichokes and a wide range of typical Mediterranean fruits and vegetables.

The Island is one of the largest in the Mediterranean sea and because of this it has a wide range of differing micro climates which allow Sicilian olives to produce such a variety of tastes and intensities, this then gives the world the truly wonderful range of extra virgin olive oils.

We at Olivaverde very much like the olive oils from the eastern area of Sicily, north of Catania and also from the area near and around the north western town of Trapani and have dealt with producers of fine olive oils from these regions for over eight years.

Olivaverde are very pleased to have been involved with several Sicilian extra virgin olive oil producers over the past years and have been able to visit Sicily several times for visits to the olive groves and mills.

We have imported to the UK for several years the lovely Soprano extra virgin olive oil from a small producer near Trapani, the oil is made from two varieties of native Sicilian olives, the Cerasuola and Nocellara. The oil is full bodied with a peppery finish with a wonderful aroma and very low acidity, and we think it is one of the best olive oils we have come across from Sicily.

Another excellent extra virgin olive oil is the Kore extra virgin olive oil which is produced by Tasting Sicily in the east of the island in the Noto valley north of Catania. Tasting Sicily produces this fine extra virgin olive oil blend along with a range of lovely Sicilian food which can be found in many countries around the globe.

The olives for the Kore extra virgin olive oil are all picked by hand at harvest time, usually in October and the olive oil is made from two native varieties, the Moresca and Biancolilla, giving this lovely olive oil a delicate perfume with cedar and citrus notes.

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