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Italian Marche region olive oils

The Marche region of eastern Italy is one of the lesser well known Italian regions with olives and olive oils from there are still hard to find outside of the Italy and also often the region itself.

Marche has a long coastline on the Adriatic sea to the east and has the beautiful Appenine mountains on its western side, with gentle rolling hills lying between the coast area and the mountains. This widely different geography allows for a wide variety of micro climates and also a range of olive varieties not found in other parts of Italy.

The most common native olive varieties found in the Marche region that are used to produce local extra virgin olive oil are the Tenero Ascolana, Raggia, Sargano, Mignola, Carboncella, Piantone di Mogliano, Piantone di Falerone, Rosciola and Coroncina.

We work with several small producers from the Marche region and have been involved with this beautiful region for over twenty years so know it well.

One of the best producers of fine extra virgin olive oil in Marche is L' Oleificio Silvestri Rosina who are based in the south of the region near the Adriatic resort of San Benedetto in the villaage of Spinetoli.

Olivaverde import their excellent extra virgin olive oils each harvest and they produce a fine blended extra virgin olive oil and their monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is made from the Tenero Ascolana olive which is found in this area of Marche.

Another small producer we have been involved with for over twelve years is Olio Tomassetti who are based near the town of Senigallia on the Adriatic sea. The two Tomassetti brothers have been making lovely extra virgin olive oils for many years and as well as an excellent blended olive oil they are make a monovarietal extra virgin olive oil from the local Raggia olive variety.

The Raggia olive thrives close to the sea on the narrow coastal strip boarding the Adriatic sea and the olive oil produced from this olive variety is therefore quite rare and only produced in small quantities but has proved very popular with both clients and ourselves over the past few years.

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