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Olive oil schools in Italy

Together with the Italian based event organiser, Festivaldelgusto which is one of the partners working with us on projects and events in the UK, Italy and Malta, we have now relaunched our popular olive oil schools in the UK and Italy. The schools will be starting again in the late spring and summer of 2017 and there will be a wide variety of courses, venues and workshops available to the public and educational bodies.

In the UK the schools and workshops will be held in London, Norwich and Cambridge and in Italy they will be at centres in the Italian regions of Marche, Umbria, Puglia and on the Island of Sicily. We also hope to set up workshops and courses on the Island of Malta in 2018 and will be working with Maltese groups on this exciting project.

The aim of our courses is to educate and inform clients on a variety of subjects related to olive oil appreciation, to learn about tasting techniques, also the history and horticultural of the olive and its many varieties as well as educate clients on the nutritional and health aspects of extra virgin olive oils.

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