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Olive oil workshop in Norwich

We will be holding an olive oil workshop in the city of Norwich on Friday 23rd June for our clients and also with members of Slow Food Anglia and Slow Food Norwich. This will be held at Louis' deli in Upper St Giles in the centre of this beautiful and historic city and will be one of the ongoing events that we will hold in both London, Norwich and Cambridge over 2017.

Louis Deli is one of the most well known delicatessen in Norwich and has a reputation for selling only the best quality foods and holding a wide range of food related events and tastings and is also part of the Slow Food Anglia Approved member scheme.

The workshops and tasting starts at 6.30pm and finishes at 9pm and there will be four olive oils from Italy available for tasting, including two from the Marche region of eastern Italy, one from Puglia and one from Sicily. there will also be an excellent olive oil from Greece and all the oils are made by small artisan producers.

The workshop will be for a maximum of twenty persons and will be held in the evening with the date to be decided later in May.

Members of Slow Food Anglia and Norwich will also be invited as well as clients who are normally invited to our invitation only tastings and workshops.

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