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Olivaverde at the Norwich Lanes Fayre

The popular and famous Norwich Lanes Fayre returns to Norwich this summer after an absence of two years on Sunday July 9th, and will held again in the streets, lanes, courtyards and open spaces of the beautiful old Lanes area of the city.

It was first established in only 2008 but quickly became one of the most popular events to be held in Norwich and one of highlights of the annual events calendar, now attracting nearly 20,000 visitors on just the one day.

The stand which Olivaverde will taking on Sunday 9th will be located near the lovely delicatessen and artisan cafe, Louis' Deli in the Upper St Giles area of the city and we will be working closely with them on the day. As well as our usual fantastic range of artisan extra virgin olive oils we will also be trialling a new bottled sea water from Sicily, Aquamaris, which can been used for cooking pasta, fish and other produce, just as many Italian use sea water in their cooking, and also it can be used as an ingredient in both food and drinks.

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