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Olivaverde in Malta

Olivaverde are working with our Maltese and Sicilian friends and producers to bring a two day series of workshops and olive oil appreciation classes to Malta this November, this will be the first of a series of events we plan to hold in Malta this year and in 2018. The events will be held with the help of our Maltese friends and associates and we believe that this will be the first of this type of event to be held on the Island.

We will also be setting up an Mediterranean olive oil academy in Malta in 2018, the academy will act as a hub for olive oil producers from across the Mediterranean region, countries that will be included are Spain, Italy, Sicily, Morocco, Tunisia and France and we hope to open the academy to more countries as the project goes forward.

We are very pleased to have Festivaldelgusto working with us on our November project as their expertise in the filed of event and festival organisation is invaluable and we will be in Malta this July with them starting work on plans for this exciting event.

Festivaldelgusto has been organising food and drink events and festivals since 2012 in both Italy and the UK and this will be the first time they have been involved in work in Malta and we hope to co operate with them in future events both on Malta and in Italy.

There will be more news about the November events and also the Mediterranean olive oil academy in our blog once we have been to Malta and had meetings with the various groups and friends who will be working with us.

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