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Aquamaris from Sicily

L'Acqua di Mare, water from the sea, Aquamaris is water brought up from the depths of the Ionian Sea several miles from the Sicilian coast, which is then filtered and bottled before sale.

This unique sea water contains more than fifty different minerals and retains its salinity even after undergoing microfiltration and sterilisation and is perfect for use in cooking and as an ingredient in numerous recipes.

Aquamaris will be available in the UK and other European countries in the second half of 2017 where we believe it will become a very popular addition to menus using both fish and pasta dishes.

Aquamaris is a modern day take on the ancient tradition of cooking with sea water both in the Mediterranean region and also in coastal communities in parts of the UK.

In Sicily and other southern Mediterranean countries villagers have cooked with sea water for centuries, mainly fish dishes but also pasta and other local produce, where the use of sea water enhances flavour and also enhances the natural taste of the food.

Dishes that can be prepared using Aquamaris include many kinds of pasta, lobster and shell fish, chicken as well as most vegetables, in fact chips cooked after being marinaded in the water are a particular favourite!

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