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Olivaverde Olive oil schools 2018

Olivaverde are currently working on setting up a new series of olive oil schools in both Italy and also Malta in 2018, following the success that we have had in holding tastings, workshops and specialist courses in the Marche region of Italy and also tastings in the UK since 2012.

The Italian school will be set up in the Marche region in the east of Italy where we have worked with the food festival organiser Festivaldelgusto for several years. But for the first time in 2018 we will be setting up a school in a fantastic setting in the east of the island of Sicily, where for the past three years we have worked with several excellent extra virgin olive oil producers and also with a Sicilian food business involved with promoting fine Sicilian olive oils and produce in the UK and other parts of northern Europe.

Castello di Monterado

Olivaverde are planning a fundraising campaign for the autumn 2017 with the aim to raise sufficient funds to set up a permanent base on the Island of Malta which both geographically and culturally is located in the centre of the Mediterranean region and where we mainly operate. The funding will allow us the have a dedicated base on Malta where we can hold tastings, talks and workshops and this will also allow us to invite producers from across the Mediterranean to come and take part.

We now have a partner in Spain who also works closely with us in Malta on several projects, they will be offering tours and workshops to both clients and to professional bodies from late 2017 in their beautiful part of Spain and there will be more on this blog in a couple of weeks time about this exciting development.

For our Maltese school opening in 2018 we already have many producers from countries across the Mediterranean region who will be working with us next year, as well as oil producers from Malta and Italy we also are very pleased to have olive oil producers and growers from Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and Cyprus.

Further details of our fundraising campaign will be on our social media and also on this blog in early October and we hope that the opportunity to come and take part in our new and exciting oil schools will prove popular to our clients and friends in the UK, Malta, Italy, Australia and the USA.

Italian olive oil tasting in London

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