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Olive oil tours in Marche, Italy

Olivaverde specialise in organising olive oil tours and appreciation courses in the east and the south of Italy, we also have several tours in Sicily, but our non professional tours and workshops in the Marche region proving especially popular.

Marche is an Italian region in the east of Italy with a long coastline on the Adriatic sea, its capital is the historic city of Ancona, and it has a long history of producing excellent extra virgin olive oils, with especially fine oils coming from the Cartoceto area which has the only DOP of the region.

We know the Marche region extremely well as members of our team are from near Ancona the regions capital and we have been working with both olive oil and wine producers in the Marche region for nearly ten years where we have held many olive oil and food related events in the region over that time, often in conjunction with the event company Festivaldelgusto.

Our oil appreciation courses in Marche are organised by a well respected local agronomist and olive specialist who works with producers throughout the region and who has put together a very detailed and exciting series of workshops and talks for our clients. He and others in our team have produced our courses in olive oil appreciation which we now offer to clients and the public and have been refined and improved over the past couple of years.

The courses we now hold are in the south of the region near the beautiful Marche town of Ripatransone and in central Marche near the Adriatic resort of Senigallia, both areas are well known for the high quality extra virgin olive oil they produce.

Near Senigallia we are very pleased to be based at the beautiful Castello di Monterado and clients can also stay at the Castello for the duration of the course, either for the two day or the three day course.

In the south of the region we usually hold our courses at w ell known wine and olive oil producers who is less then one kilometre from Ripatransone where accommodation can be arranged if required.

For more info visit our website page Holiday Tours

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