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Algerian olive oil

We are very excited about the possibility of working closely with authorities and small artisan companies producing fine extra virgin olive oils in Algeria in 2018 after being approached to help promote Algerian oils in the UK and Europe.

Algeria is the ninth biggest olive oil producer in the world but much of its olive oils are not of the highest quality and we believe that by working closely with small and medium sized producers we can help raise the standards of the oils they produce.

Producers in Algeria have in the past only owned very small parcels of land which did not allow them to scale up their production to be able to sell enough oil in the market, this has now begun to change and in some areas of Algeria there are now government sponsor groves which cover many hectares of land.

The main variety of olive grown in Algeria is the Azeradj and also other cultivars that are used in oil production are the Bouricha, the Limli and the Chemlal.

Despite the amount of olive oil produced in Algeria the sector remains one of the least competitive in the Mediterranean region, but with increased input from the relevant authorities and also work by local businesses involved in the production and sale of olive oil it is hoped that Algerian olive oil will become more available to the outside world over the coming years.

We at Olivaverde plan to have some of the best Algerian extra virgin olive oil oils at our tasting events in London and Malta in January 2018 and we will post on this blog the results of the tastings.

If the oils prove popular at the tutored tastings then we will help Algerian producers sell to delicatessens and food shops in the UK and Ireland, but later on also introduce the olive oils to our business contacts in Australia and the USA.

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