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Olive oil tasting on Terra Madre day

This year Olivaverde have been invited by Slow Food Anglia to take part in the annual Terra Madre day that it will hold in Norwich on the 10th December. Since 2009, each year on Slow Food’s anniversary, December 10th, food communities and Slow Food convivia all around the world celebrate local eating, agricultural biodiversity and sustainable food production. Celebrations take shape with hundreds of events ranging from collective meals, fundraisers, community festivals, protests, workshops for children, excursions to producers, and much more.

Slow Food Anglia will be celebrating the day at one of Slow Food Anglia's supporters and approved business member, the well known Louis' Deli in the beautiful Upper St Giles area of Norwich. Louis' Deli has been the venue for many Slow Food events over the past few years and this year will be hosting food prepared and cooked by Slow Food chef alliance member Mark Matless, which will include fantastic Galician sirloin.

Olivaverde will be hosting tastings and workshops of Italian and Greek extra virgin olive oils, all produced by artisan producers who are passionate about their olive oils and the regions that they represent.

Three extra virgin olive oils are from Italy, one from the Marche region, one from Puglia and another from north west Sicily, the Greek olive oil is from near Corinth and is typical of oils produced in that area of Greece.

The olive oil from Marche is produced by a small family team,and Oleificio Silvestri Rosina has a long history of producing award winning extra virgin olive oils.

Olio Merico near Salento in Puglia produce a superb range of organic olive oils and the family run business also have been granted Presidai status on several of their oils, and we have the new 2017 harvest olive oil for our tasting in Norwich.

Marisa produces the lovely Soprano extra virgin olive oil at her olive groves near Trapani in north west Sicily and we are also very pleased to have her olive oil from the new 2017 harvest at our tasting in Norwich.

Our friends in Greece have been producing the fantastic Arbor Beata organic extra virgin olive oil since 2012 on land reclaimed in 2009, it is produced near Corinth by two young engineers.

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