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Oil tasting at Tasting Sicily, London

We will be having our next extra virgin olive oil tasting and appreciation event at the prestigious Sicilian restaurant, Tasting Sicily Enzo's Kitchen near Piccadilly Circus in central London on Wednesday 28th of February. Tasting Sicily Enzo's Kitchen is part of the Slow Food London business scheme and active member and supporter of Slow Food in London, and we are very pleased to be able to offer our London based olive oil tastings at this well known restaurant in the very centre of London.

The evening event begins at 6.30 and lasts for around two hours including the separate buffet and drinks provided by Tasting Sicily after the tasting has finished. We will be tasting three fantastic Italian olive oils, one from the Marche region, another from Puglia and a third from Sicily, then a Greek olive oil from near Corinth and an extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

As well as the tasting of the five excellent artisan produced olive oils there will also be a selection of typical Sicilian food and a glass of wine for guests, and there are a maximum of only twenty five places available on the night. Tickets are available at Tasting Sicily and on Eventbrite

The olive oils to be tasted on the night are all produced by small specialist producers and we are very pleased to promote these fine oils to the public as they are not available anywhere else in the UK at the moment.

Amongst the fine artisan olive oils to be tasted we are very lucky to have an outstanding Slow Food Presida extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, Piana degli Ulivi, we fist met the team making this excellent oil at the special Slow Food area in the Salone del gusto Terre Madre held in Turin in September 2016.

We have an olive oil from the south of the Marche region in eastern Italy from Oleficio Silvestri Rosina and another from near Trapani in north west Sicily called olio Soprano.

Arbor Beata a lovely olive oil from Greece is produced near Corinth, there is also a beautiful olive oil from Crete, and finally one lucky winner of our charity raffle will also win a bottle of truly outstanding olive oil that is being tasted on the evening. The tasting will also be the occasion for a talk about our new Mediterranean Olive Oil Academy project on the Island of Malta.

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