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Slow Food, Olivaverde and FAI UK

Olivaverde has been invited by Slow Food to be their partner at a prestigious food event in London this summer which is being held by FAI UK and the Slow Food chef alliance in the UK in Chelsea.

Slow Food chef alliance was approached by FAI UK as that organisation in Italy works closely with Slow Food Italia and Slow Food International in Piedmonte, and the chef alliance were very pleased to partner the London event.

The event is being held in the offices and showroom of Boffi kitchens in the Brompton Road in central London who have hosted similar events for FAI UK before and it is expected that over 150 invited guests will attend on the day.

Mark Matless from the chef alliance will be holding cookery demonstrations and there will be talks and presentations given by Dermott Sales and representatives from FAI on current Slow Food UK and FAI projects.

The Slow Food chef alliance is part of the wider Slow Food International organisation based in Italy and it currently has over 140 groups and several hundred thousand members members throughout the world. The chef alliance in the UK has in excess of one hundred chefs as members, many of which hold Michelin stars and are widely known to the general public, and the organisation now has a new organiser and is currently undergoing a rapid increase in both members and in popularity.

The other partner hosting this prestigeous event is the Italian cultural organisation FAI UK which is based in London but is part of FAI Italy the well known Italian heritage organisation which helps preserve and restore buildings and sites which are seen as important and irreplaceable parts of Italian heritage.

Olivaverde will be supplying several different olive oils at the event, two from Italy, one from Sicily and another from Greece and we will also will be promoting the project from Olio Merico Salento in Puglia which is to raise the awareness of the serious problem with the diseases in olive trees in the Lecce area of Puglia. The disease has already killed several hundred ancient olive tees owned by Olio Merico Salento as well as many thousands of indigenous olive trees in southern Puglia.

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