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KORE olive oil from Sicily

We are very pleased to have recently tried the award winning KORE extra virgin olive oil from Sicily, this lovely olive oil originating from the beautiful Noto valley in the east of the Island and being a blend of the Moresca and Biancolilla olive varieties.

This award winning extra virgin olive oil is produced by Tasting Sicily on the Island and is an intensely green colour with a fruity and slightly spicy taste, a perfume of citrus and subtle notes of cedar. It has a very low acidity of less than .4% and a high polyphenol count which offers stability and a rounded olive oil in body and taste.

The olives are harvested by hand and taken straight to the nearby oil mill where they are processed a very short time after arriving in order to guarantee an excellent extra virgin oil for consumers.

KORE extra virgin olive oil was sent to the world famous Guild of Fine Food last spring, this being the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink, and in July the oil was awarded two stars at the Great Taste awards.

It was described by the judges at the Guild as a "green gold unfiltered oil with a rich, ripe aroma, some freshness on the palate and with an aroma of green basil stalks, with fresh herbal notes. It also had a slight bitterness when first tasted followed by a subtle creaminess and then a final pepperiness, together with being complex in character".

Recently this beautiful oil was tried at one of our small olive oil tasting and appreciation clubs in London, members include leading doctors who appreciate fine extra virgin olive oils and was considered the best Italian extra virgin olive oil to be tried on the night.

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