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Ta Matti Maltese olive oil

Ta Matti extra virgin olive oil is produced by Jo and Carmen in the beautiful area of Madliena on the island of Malta and we first came across them and their fantastic olive oil at the Zejtun olive oil festival last September.

Carmen and her son were on a stand selling this excellent olive oil at the Zejtun festival and allowed us to taste some of their oil after which we bought several bottles to use at our base in Malta and also take some to Italy for Italian olive oil tasters we work with to try.

The olive oil is produced from several different varieties of olives present on their land and they also grow the indigenous Bidni Maltese olive variety which is also starting to be cultivated extensively in many areas across the Island as the appetite for good olives oils grows on Malta.

Jo and Carmen first started planting their olive trees just fifteen years ago with help and advice from the Maltese olive oil expert Sammy Cremona who also presses and produces their oil for them each year.

Ta Matti olive oil is spicy with hints of citrus and is one of the best Maltese olive oils we have tied over many years of coming to Malta.

At the moment Ta Matti olive oil is only produced in relatively small quantities but Jo and Carmen will be planting more indigenous Maltese olive varieties over the next few years.

We are very pleased to now have them involved with us at Olivaverde and also the new Mediterranean olive oil academy and we are planning to start organising tours and visits to their groves in the beautiful Madliena area soon.

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