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Olio Poldo in Marche, Italy

We first visited the award winning Olio Poldo an olive oil producer near Castelfidardo in the Marche region of Italy last summer where we were very impressed by their passion and enthusiasm for producing fantastic blended and also several monovarietal olive oils.

Olio Poldo is a close knit family business and their olive groves are located near to the Adriatic coast in the beautiful Marche region of central Italy.

Lorenzo Polacco started his work with olives as a professional pruner, certified by Assam Marche. In 2012, following his passion for nature and plants, he became a professional Extra virgin olive oil taster and decided to dedicate himself to producing top quality olive oil.

He also regularly holds olive oil tasting and appreciation courses for the general public and professionals, focused on helping people to understand the differences between olive varieties and also to teach the public how to recognise authentic extra virgin olive oils.

Olio Poldo's range of award winning monovarietal olive oils include the Raggia, Leccino, Coratina and Picholine varieties and their superb blended oil changes slightly each year as they use different varieties of olives depending on availability and taste.

All the olive oils compliment a large variety of dishes, for example the Raggia variety is perfect fpr grilled fish and red meats while the Coratina enhances soups, grilled meats and is perfect drizzled on traditional bruschetta.

Each of the fine olive oils have won international competitions over the years included mentions in the prestigious Gambero Rosso. High quality is the strength of Olio Poldo and they are focused on reaching out to customers that share their passion and interest in the properties and benefits of this amazing product.

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