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Minoan Trace olive oil

We were first introduced to the lovely Minoan trace olive oil by Dan Baune who we met in London during the summer to hear more about the history and production of this extra virgin

olive oil from Crete.

Dan is passionate about this extra virgin olive oil from Crete and together with his business partner Nikos they have a goal of producing a fine olive oil and also educating the wider public about sustainability and the healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Both the partners have a deep love the the beautiful Island of Crete and now promote this lovely extra virgin olive oil not just in Europe but also in the USA.

In ancient times the Minoan culture treasured their olive oil, it was their most valuable community and was traded by them across the Mediterranean region, to the Minoans it was a symbol of fertility and youth and they called their oil, "the liquid gold".

Minoan Trace extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from the Koroneiki olive variety found on Crete in the region of Sitia and this variety of olive produces a very rich fruity olive oil with touches of spice.

This lovely extra virgin olive oil from Sitia is produced in an area of relatively high altitude and close to the sea so the trees benefit from a salty atmosphere and both these conditions lead directly to the very distinct taste and aroma of Minoan Trace.

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