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Museo olive oil from Spain

Museo extra virgin olive oil is produced near the town of Escóznar which belongs to the municipality of Íllora about ten kilometres west of the Moorish city of Granada, in the valley area at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Production began in 1984, when the Morales family with more than 40 years of experience in the growing and harvesting sector designed an ambitious industrial project that would allow it to unite its production of olives with the production, packaging and commercialisation of its fine olive oil. The olives are harvested at the beginning of November each year, when the colour of the olives turn from green to violet and harvesting usually ends at the beginning of January of the following year.

The fruit of the healthy olive tree is transferred to the mill where it is selected again, washed and ground in a maximum time of 3 hours in cold weather (always below 22 degrees) thus avoiding loss of freshness.

The olives harvested by mechanical methods combined with the traditional ones, are transferred to the mill at a maximum time limit of 3 hours and kept in small containers.

There they are milled cold (always below 24 degrees) and with extreme care using only the most advanced and modern machinery.

Once decanted by natural procedures, the new oil is transferred to our warehouse where it will rest in small stainless steel tanks and maintained at a constant temperature by means of a novel climate control system. Once the rigorous tasting panel has certified our oil we then proceed to complete packaging exclusively on demand.

Museo extra virgin olive oil is noted for its aromatic intensity, with fruit and vegetable notes of green leaves, fresh grass and tomatoes. It also has touches of banana and almonds in its taste and aroma.

In the mouth the oil emphasises a range of fruity aromas, and is both light with a slight bitterness, and above all it is a very balanced extra virgin olive oil, typical of the fine olive oils that this region of Spain produces.

The olive oil is ideal for use as dressings, both on salads and also on raw vegetables, it is also a perfect companion with pasta dishes, chicken and red meats.

Museo extra virgin olive oil from Spain is another fantastic addition to the Olivaverde range and we are extremely happy to be using this fine oil in tastings with our clients both in the UK and also at our events and new olive oil classes in Malta this year.

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